Flex- Single side

FLEX’s new EcoSmart Fire series, breaching the limits of design, is the most flexible solution for integrating fire elements in interior and exterior spaces!
With 92 models of fireplaces operating on bio-ethanol combustion and with varying characteristics, the FLEX series supports any architectural creative vision.

– Works on safe, clean, smoke-free and soot-free bio-ethanol combustion without vents or ventilation openings.
– Extremely wide range sizes.
– A steel chassis coated in black, resistant to high temperature and moisture.
– Suitable for interior and exterior spaces alike.

The fireplace is available in twelve sizes: 45.72 cm, 81.28 cm, 106.68 cm, 127 cm, 152.4 cm, 172.72 cm, 198.12 cm, 218.44 cm, 264.16 cm, 309.88 cm, 355.6 cm, 401.32 cm