The Australian brand comes straight from Melbourne and brings a new line of design to the outdoor.
The Tait items are designed with durable materials and are characterized by a young and innovative style, expressing the importance of the beautiful moments we spend in the garden or on the roof.

Todus is a leading European company specializing in outdoor furniture. The company is known for choosing the finest quality materials, with special emphasis on unique designs alongside the use of highly durable materials such as the French origin fabrics Batyline, and German ceramic thurner. Todus collaborates with prominent European designers such as Studio Sereg, Alexander Gufler and Filip Houdek, who design elegant collections in minimalist style for the brand.

Australian brand founded 8 years ago and soon became a leader in the bio-ethanol fireplaces sector

The brand emphasizes the design and product development and keep looking for new bio-ethanol heating solutions.

The broad collection allows the client and the architect endless solutions.

The bio-ethanol fireplaces offers installation inside the House, the garden or the balcony since they don’t require a chimney or infrastructure.

Brown Jordan is the world’s finest maker of innovative, meticulously designed and exceptionally executed outdoor furniture and accessories. Since it’s founding by Robert Brown and Hubert Jordan in Pasadena, CA in 1945, Brown Jordan has offered best in class products for refined, relaxed and luxurious outdoor living. Known for producing iconic, award-winning designs, Brown Jordan has maintained the gold standard in outdoor furnishings for the past 70 years.

Our collection of innovative outdoor fires offer the ultimate in freedom and flexibility. Choose a style that fits your outdoor setting, a size that makes the most sense, a finish that complements your furniture and a fuel source that best suits your needs

Ak47 is the benchmark company for those who are looking for the best outdoor fire pits, garden furnishing and decorations representing the perfect synthesis between utility and made in Italy design. A design firm now admired by the lovers of style all over the world, by those appreciative of the complete bond between simplicity and value, represented by the aggregation of minds and bodies gathered around a crackling fire, comforting and warm

For over 15 years TUUCI has been creating the most innovative, unique and stylish shade platforms in the industry. Founded with a passion by Dougan Clarke, TUUCI was born from the marine industry. This means every single parasol, lounge and cabana we create has been meticulously engineered to perform in any environment. With incredibly durable, 100% replaceable parts and a design sense unlike any other, TUUCI’s parasols, pavilions, and lounges is your ultimate shade experience.

An Italian family company with over 100 years of experience creating a complete and elegant range of kitchen, bathroom furniture made of natural stone.

Today, the Vaselli family continues to meet the new demands and the modern challenges of the Italian and international markets while celebrating the valuable handicraft experience handed down from their father and their grandfather. Vaselli is known in Italy and abroad for the highest levels of quality and service.

Dutch brand that is a niche in the luxury furniture field

The furniture collection is designed with an emphasis on comfort and elegant design based on ergonomic principles.

The colors and design of our products allows them to fit into any environment whether at home or anywhere else