Herbert’s story has begun before its establishment.

Omri Paecht, the founder, had a special connection with his grandfather, an interior designer at Caro and Diran, the leading firms of the time, infusing Omri with a passion for design.

Omri’s initial connection to the world of design and woodwork had begun with an outdoor carpentry workshop he ran for three years. Alongside his workshop and during his university studies, he entered the field of interior design in 2008, combining his passion for design with his attraction towards raw material and art. In 2010, after two years of production and sales by word of mouth, Omri opened a design gallery in the Noga compound in Jaffa, displaying both his designs and unique design firms from Europe.

Due to his deep connection with his grandfather and the world of design, Omri felt that the name “Herbert” was the right and natural choice for his gallery.

After a 6-year stint in the Noga compound, a new showroom was launched in Herzeliya Pituach. It was designed by Pitsou Kedem architects, Sigal Bernowitz, designer, and Irena Goldberg, architect, and its planning and construction processes were a special experience for Omri.

Under Omri’s leadership, we at Herbert believe that we are the place where people can find unique pieces combining quality with meticulous design. In a world where everything is only a click away, be it in digital media or showrooms in Israel, Herbert’s line of products was created with this vision in mind. We are the sole representatives of select international brands in Israel, bringing the additional value and adhering to Herbert’s leading standards, matchless quality and design. Herbert’s products include fireplaces, outdoor furniture, sophisticated shading solutions, libraries, kitchens and elegant stone elements, minimalistic furniture for children’s rooms and more. Each brand seems to belong in an entirely different field and world of design, but they are all based on the common Herbert principle.

Even nowadays, the never-ending search for products means we are here to renew and provide solutions to the ones looking for the unique piece that would distinguish them from the rest.

Visit us at 14 Maskit st. Herzliya, Israel.