• Finish: white, black
  • Burner: BK Series
  • Size: H 872 mm*W 1200 mm*D 405 mm


Distinctive and contemporary, the Oxygen can ‘breathe’ life into both residential and commercial premises. Defined by its sleek, simple lines, the Oxygen is a rectangular-shaped fireplace, a freestanding piece of furniture which has been enhancing the interiors and ambience of homes, apartments, offices, restaurants and bars for years.

The Oxygen embodies elegance and modernity, a clever blend of smooth stainless steel together with a low-line CaesarStone shelf, a highly durable material which further adds class and style.

Fuelled by Bioethanol – an environmentally friendly, renewable energy – the Oxygen, like the rest of the Designer Range, is clean and green.

* Stone platform not included, available as an accessory

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