Firebox 1800db

  • Finish: Stainless steel/Black
  • Burner: BK Series
  • Size: W 1900 mm*D 512 mm*H 933 mm

פיירבוקס 1800DB

The sleek, long-line Firebox 1800DB was specifically created in response to demand for longer slimmer models. It enables architects, designers, builders and home renovators to maximise their choice of interior design options.

A rectangular-shaped firebox, the 1800DB has been designed with a double opening, enabling a ‘see through’ effect to enhance the feeling of space and ensure a distinctive design element. The stainless steel, zero clearance firebox houses three ventless EcoSmart Burners, which facilitate a captivating elongated flame.

The rear of the Firebox 1800DB features a toughened glass panel, which doesn’t impact the integrity and transparency of the design.

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